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Category: Party Pills

XTZ (Energy Booster)

XTZ (Energy Booster)

XTZ pills contain a natural energy enhancer that guarantees your party will always last all night.
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XTZ 25 pills

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The typical dose is 1-2 pills and that'll give you a buzz that will last about 6 hours. The combined potent effects of black pepper extract, caffeine, free form amino acids, and B vitamins energizes you all night long with No Side Effects.

Energy Boost
Ecstasy Substitute
Aids Sexual Performance
Free of BZP
Legal Buzz
No Bad Side Effects
Enjoy a Higher Level
Safe with Alcohol
XTZ is a natural herbal Ecstasy substitute, that won't get you in trouble (it's legal), and is guaranteed to add extra boost to your party, and can be safely taken with alcohol.
No Side Effects